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at least once a week i go back to look at Aurora’s coronation design


and touch her face and gently whisper

why can’t i afford to cosplay you

I don’t think we have anyone on our team who can make the costume for our Aurora….so I have my doubts. When the design was made, we knew the chances of cosplay for this one were slim to none because….well look at it lol

maybe i can work some magic

I find it immensely upsetting to have the same people who talk down to me and tell me my ideas are stupid…..copy my ideas outright and use them as their own.

I want to remain classy. But I have to say, it’s frustrating. 

Gotta tell you guys….i’m really enjoying Kill la Kill a lot more than I thought I would. Story is still pretty thin but I think it benefits from that. There is literally nothing that can’t happen in this show so far. 

Our team is just finishing up our advertisements for a few events we’ve decided to target. We’re taking a step forward to promote 2015 earlier than usual. I’m doing everything I can to make 2015 another big year for us so I am hoping our ads resonate with people outside of our market. 

Something we are going to attempt to do this year is really integrate our theme into our marketing. We’ve been very lucky that our characters Seph and Aurora have developed a small following of fans based on our social media. The next step for us is to have these characters do more with our theme. What that looks like is something we are hashing out but I think we work at it, we might have something special.

Most of you are focused on the Northern con at the moment so it’s hard to grab your attention. I really want to do more to keep your mind focused on Otafest related activities so I hope to figure out a way to do that. :)

Anyways, back to work.


We had our jackets on but my cousin was Yoruichi and I was Karui for Otafest this year. Starting to feel dem con withdrawal symptoms. Excited for Animethon in a couple weeks!

Don’t forget that Otafest Aurora isn’t too far away either!


[jumps up and down excitedly] I can’t wait for the Otafest Aurora Art Contest details to be released because, the theme is Coronation and I’m just super pumped to draw Aurora awww yeah!

Will let you know when it’s up!


Tom Nook lookin for his money.


Tom Nook lookin for his money.

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I don’t know how I am going to handle VAD tomorrow. I am really not looking forward to it. 

I’ve been watching Kill la Kill and so far it’s way better than anything else I’ve watched. No romance so no chance of disappointment.