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I watched 2 eps of Neon Genesis Evangelion. 

Kind of just sitting here asking myself what I just watched.

I also wonder why Anno would make Shinji such a piece of shit. Like I heard that he was annoying as fuck but how did he get so annoying that he detracts from the show? Fuck me lol

Anyways…I’ll keep at it.


Oliver the Dog and Arashi the Cat: the cutest best friends ever!

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A little bit later tonight the Witch Aurora and Seph pins will be formally released. I decided to release a select number of these pins at Animethon and Omatsuri to….you know…cause a stir. I think one of the strongest parts of our pin trading program is that you never really know what kind of surprises you’ll find along the way. It’s so fun to see your faces and see the anxiety as you stare at the board, patiently waiting your turn, begging that someone doesn’t take what you want.

I guess there is still a part of me that wants to troll you guys a little but. But I think you all know that in the end you get what you want. I think the experience reaching the goal is more important than the final product. Putting the pins up in a frame is nice and all, but remembering the feeling of finally getting a certain design…..now that is something that is worth it. :)

The pin trading party will be on October 4th. I plan on giving you more than just these pins to come out. I’ll be showing you two new designs from the Otafest Aurora 2014 set before anyone else gets to see them. I think thats a pretty good deal don’t you think? It’ll be at the University in the ICT building again. I hope you guys plan to come out. 

Also I finally have some ideas for a male mascot that isn’t a shota! My art team keeps submitting shota ideas LOL fml

Alright. I’ve determined it’s finally time to watch Neon Genesis Evangelion. 

Just a thought

I’ve listened to many people complain about other cons and talk about how it sucks and the people that run it are awful. I’ve also heard that the con sucks and how it’s organized sucks and the prices for the cons suck and various other complaints.

But I look at my facebook and see so many of these people ghosting at the same con they complain so much about. If you truly don’t like the con, don’t go. You’re silently showing your support by going even if you’re ghosting.  There is a reason I don’t go and won’t ever go. I will not show my support for organizations I don’t agree with.


im so confused with the otafest aa registration.

last time they didn’t have the submission page up we had to e-mail them with the info and i know it’s first come first serve? usually they have all the “to fill in” part up so we have an idea of what we should be filling in on reg day.

We’ve been using the forms on our page for our last con with great success. As far as I am aware, there isn’t an essay to fill out. Just fill in the info quickly and you’ll be good. :)

Read through the AA package as well!


i was actually quite suprised that otafest was there ahhhhh
but i finally got these hecka rad pins

Thanks for coming!


i was actually quite suprised that otafest was there ahhhhh

but i finally got these hecka rad pins

Thanks for coming!


Helping run the Otafest block with otafestgareth
And made some new friends and I have a whole bag of Ramune candy goddamn

Maybe one day! 

Maybe one day!